8 Channel RC Switch

8 channel RC switch  Scale Warship is pleased to offer the next development in collaboration with Forge Electronics.

Up to 8 channels of lighting (or other low current accessories) can be individually controlled from a single proportional RC channel.

Channel selection is simple – pump the joystick 3 times in one direction and hold to turn on output #3 and so on. Pump the stick in the opposite direction   the same number of times and hold to turn that output off.

The unit is supplied with a blank ABS case, the user being required to cut slots/holes in the top of the lid to admit the signal input from the receiver, the LED,  and to access the screw heads on the connector block. A further slot in the side of the case is required to admit power wiring to the terminal block. A full size plastic film template is provided showing the required locations



Key Features
• 8 individually addressable independent outputs
• outputs rated 500mA each at up to 50v
• outputs switch to 0v so loads should have a common positive rail
• flyback diodes on each output so inductive loads can be switched (such as relays and motors)
• red/green LED shows joystick movement
• optional output test at power-up
• terminal block for easy connections

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