LifeColor Liquid Pigment Hulls & Wooden Decks set

lc-lp04-lAn accurate set for ship modellers with colour shades suitable to simulate the green fouling of the keels and the dried salt streakings on the vertical structures. The set also contains a dark grey tone to highlight the little details of the upper structures such as ladders, portholes edges and more. Two specific colour tones to emphasize the real wood laser-cut decks are also included along with a table saw.    Click here to view the item

This set includes:

  • LPW 16 Fouling Green
  • LPW 17 Surfaces Shadower
  • LPW 18 Wooden Deck Darkener
  • LPW 19 Wooden Deck Shadower
  • LPW 20 Dried Salt
  • RE Remover
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